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Information for Landlords

To ensure smoke alarms installed in the rented property are in working order, a landlord must:

  • Carry out annual checks to ensure all smoke alarms installed at the property are in working order.

  • Replace a removable battery in all smoke alarms in the period specified by the smoke alarm manufacturer (for a removable lithium battery), or otherwise annually.

  • Repair or replace a smoke alarm that is not working within 2 business days of becoming aware that it is not working or (b) cause the smoke alarm to be repaired or replaced.

  • Replace a smoke alarm with a new smoke alarm within 10 years from the manufactured date, or earlier if specified by the smoke alarm manufacturer.


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Visit the
Key changes to smoke alarm requirements for rented homes page to read more on who can repair or replace a smoke alarm or change a battery in a tenancy.

Click here for information on NSW Smoke Alarm Legislation


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NSW Smoke Alarm Legislation

Smoke alarms are mandatory in those homes and other shared accommodation buildings where people sleep as specified in the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 (NSW) (EPA Regulation).

Property managers (as agent for the landlord), landlords and tenants have specific responsibilities in regards to smoke alarms:

  • Landlords must ensure that smoke alarms are installed and maintained.

  • Neither the landlord nor the tenant are permitted to remove or interfere with the operation of a smoke alarm installed in the rented premises, unless they have a reasonable excuse to do so.

  • Landlords have the right of access to rented premises to fit or maintain smoke alarms, providing the tenant has been given at least two days’ notice.

  • Where the smoke alarm has a replaceable battery, it is recommended that the landlord fit a new battery at the beginning of a tenancy.

  • Owners of residential property who rent out their premises as holiday accommodation are responsible for installing smoke alarms and replacing batteries.

The Regulation requires that smoke alarms:

  • Comply with Australian Standard AS 3786:2014;

  • Be installed on or near the ceiling in every corridor or hallway associated with a bedroom or, if there is no corridor or hallway, between the part of the home containing the bedroom and rest of the dwelling.

The NSW Parliament has passed the Residential Tenancies Amendment (Review) Bill 2018 providing that only landlords can carry out repairs to smoke alarms, except for certain kinds of smoke alarms and repairs. A penalty will apply for landlords who fail to repair a smoke alarm.

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